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Ask Hyper and Drew

Here you can ask two awesome ponies some questions or something.
... Or you can ask one of use individually. But whatever.
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Apr 6 '13

(( Full Sized Picture here

Wooohooooo!!! 60 Followers! We have 60 people who kinda look at our stuff our not.

So instead of drawing a handful of popular ponies like most small ask blogs do, I decided to draw all of my followers!! I drew them in order of when they followed me. So if you are following me, you are definitely here.

Although before I could finish, my drawing tablet was like “nope” So some of them may look weird. Oh well. I had my friend help me with them ^^

So 60!! YEAAAAAAA !!! woohoo everybody in the house clap your hooves our something I dont know.

Well this took a long long time. Goodbye and I love you all!!))

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    ((WOOT! Congrats! This calls for a party.)) Hey, look! It’s me again!
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    heheim the weirdest one ;u;
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    yay *claps hooves together* that’s so nice to include me >w< hope you get a lot more *hint hint*
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    (( Reblogging for people who aren’t online at night ))
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    I’ve been spotted!!! Congratulations man!
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    ((We really appreciate all of you who is following us. Thank you for helping us reach a milestone))
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